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03/02/08 12:50 AM #1    

Lynda Redington (Williams)

IN NEED AND WANT FOR A COPY OF OUR CLASS OF 1988 YEAR BOOK. Several, sevaral years ago during a bad relationship, I had everything I owned packed into the trunk of my car. My then boyfriend owed money (that I didn't know about) and my car was stolen from the parking lot of my mother's apartment. The only items I miss is my graduation gown, cap and my yearbook. Even though the notes and best wishes from my friends cannot be duplicated, I would very much like to have that piece of my past to look back on and to see just how far I have come, and smile when I remember some pretty good friends and memories. I have contacted the school directly, unfortunately there are no more "extra copies". If anyone can help me, please contact me. Thank you!

08/14/08 11:43 PM #2    

Gail Frankel (Reiser)

Does anyone have pictures from Sound of Music we did Senior year?

I know I was a Nun with Joyce Vandernoot and Karen Bruno. If you do can you please contact me so I might get some copies? Thanks so much everyone!

Gail Frankel

09/04/08 02:34 PM #3    

David Blanchard

Wow, was looking at the list of people I've lost contact with and it brought back a lot of memories. It took me forever to get in here, been trying for months ask Jennifer Chabot...

I can't wait to see you all and reminisce and catch up.

10/11/08 02:06 AM #4    

Karl Otto

A big thanks to Jen and crew for the reunion. It was a great time.

10/12/08 09:25 AM #5    

Christine Hislop (Pudelko)

Great time Friday night. Can't believe it went by so quickly.

My thanks as well to the reunion team. Everything went without a hitch!

When are we doing this again? How quickly will the next 5-10 years go by??

I will be sending an email to everyone whose address I was able to grab the other night but if you don't hear from me (and want to) please drop a line through here or at

Thanks again!

10/12/08 10:01 AM #6    

David Zanvettor

Echoing Karl & Christine – a HUGE thanks to Jen and the reunion team! You guys put a fantastic night together for all of us and it was really great to see everyone.

Bummed we missed yesterday’s get together, I’m sure it was a blast.

10/13/08 11:20 AM #7    

David Blanchard

Thanks to Jen and the reunion crew, it was great seeing everyone and snapping pictures like I did in High School, only this time I am in some LOL. I've posted some and am working on taking out the red eye from the flash, I'll be posting all 120 pictures by end of week all should be posted.

If I had you write down contact info Friday I'll be keeping in touch, if not and you want to keep in touch send me and email or call me at # in profile. I know some locals are going to watch the game at Biscotti's tonight, so come on down and lets continue the party....

10/14/08 10:17 AM #8    

Kim Banach (Carrington)

To everyone involved in planning the reunion, it was obvious that alot of hard work and creativity went into putting it all together. Thanks a million :)
Very few of the people that I spent my high school years with were able to come but I'm still so glad I went. Everyone looks great! Here's to 20 more beautiful years!

By the way, I think Marc Huberman gets the award for "Hasn't Changed AT ALL" Is it possible to look even YOUNGER than you did in High School??

10/14/08 01:45 PM #9    

Peg Ross (Michaels)

Great job reunion committee! Really enjoyed myself and glad to reconnect with alot of you. If you ever take a field trip to me!

10/21/08 02:59 PM #10    

Joyce Vandernoot

I wanted to thank all of you who have posted your photograhs - I am shocked at how many folks I missed that night - Christine, Patty, Melanie... yikes! Sorry ladies! So if you have pictures - please continue to share them as they are certainly extending the fun!!

04/27/09 09:28 PM #11    

Todd Stromberg

So, its taken six months, but after having processed the after-effects of "88+20" i'd like to add thanks to all involved in putting together a great weekend.

Was extremely special for me to get a chance to spend part of friday afternoon back at DHS with many of y'all. Almost felt like i had walked back onto some sort of sacred ground.

Extra special thanks to the man named Skoff for caring enough to actually show up w heinekin light, and for the grounds-keeping staff at Portuguese American Club for letting me take a nap in the shrubs...ha. Bob Henry, for hosting an after party for me + crew of evil doers the next afternoon after pastrami ruebens at Windmill.

Vinny, thanks for diner next night at Vivo. Awefully nice of you...i did go speak w/ the chef re: the poor osso bucco. He apologized, saying the orders from the waitress came back to him reading "two orders of bocce ball, well done."

Warmest regards to all, ever most sincerely,
The Mighty Hard Rocker

01/01/10 12:15 AM #12    

Rodney Bracey

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Camp Dwyer, South Helmand Providence, Afghanistan.

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